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AKha Hill House Area
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6 Days 5 Nights Trekking

Your journey will begin from Chiang Rai city, where you will meet representatives of  Mr Apae Amor, your chief guide. Apae is very well known throughout region, he is a hill tribe chieftain of the Akha tribe and one of the first proponents of ecotourism in the area. and also The Akha Hill House  all income 10% of  profit are donated directlyto the Education school project
You will travel by long tailed boat down the Mae Nam Kok, which is a great opportunity to take in the jungle surroundings, as its going to be the kind of terrain you'll be exploring in your trek. Once you arrive at the natural hot springs, you'll trek up to Akha Hill House, Apae's base situated high in the jungle-clad hills.
Tip: if you're quick, you may get a chance to take a dip in the hot springs.
The hill tribes are entirely distinct from the wider Thai society, with their own practices, beliefs and traditional attire. Tribes like the Akha, Mien , Lisu, Karen and Lahu all have their own particular beliefs and tribal ties cross borders into China, Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Tibet.
As you trek, you can explore the wealth of hill tribe villages in the area, as well as learning the basics of jungle survival from your expert guides. Nature is so varied here, with flora and fauna in abundance, and you will even get the chance to try out the best of jungle transport, elephant riding!
Your main trek will finish up with a vehicle transfer back to Chiang Rai.

Trekking Route Description
Day One:
Departs from Chiang Rai Boat station in the morning at 10:30am.so we have to pick you up 10:00 am from your Hotel
we take the boat Trips on the Mae Kok river to the to Ban Pha Soet in hot springs. The boat trip will take 1 hours (life jacket are provided) . Have lunch at the springs. There will be the opportunity to bathe, however group should be aware that the water can get very hot, allow time to cool off prior to commencing the trek. From there begin trek through Ja Jaw Village (Lahu tribe) about 3 hours, visiting a Huay Keaw Waterfall Tea plantation on the way. Arrive at Akha Hill, the home village of Apae, who is the village chieftain. Stay at Apae village. about 3-4 hours,       

Day Two:
Trek from Apae village to Ban Huay Kaew (Mien) village, on the way you will be taught how to make everything you need for your lunch from bamboo. Chop sticks, cups, plates and the bamboo in which you will cook your rice, that day’s fish catch from the river, omelet plus the jungle herbs & vegetables. At the overnight camp you will learn how to catch fish, crabs and prawns by building a small dam in the mountain stream - a technique exclusive to the mountain people. The trek today will last around 5-6 Hours

Day Three:
Trek from Ban Huay Kaew (Mien) to Mae Tang, pronounced Mae Dtang (Lahu) about 5-6 hours trek through active rice fields. overnight in Mae Tang.

Day Four:
Trek from Mae Tang to the jungle camp. Here you will build a banana leaf shelter where hopefully you will sleep soundly, in your own hammocks, after a most interesting and rewarding day.

Day Five:
Trek from jungle camp to Ban  Ruam Mit Cross the river in boats to village and elephant camp (Karen). Have lunch, afterwards, ride elephants 2 hours up to Ban Yafu village (Red Lahu). Overnight in Ban Yafu.

Day Six:
Trek from Ban Yafu to Huay Mae Sai waterfall, to cool off. Then to Ban Jalae (Akha and Lahu) from there we have transport waiting to take you back to Chiang Rai.
We start from 2 people
10,000 baht per person
3 -4 people 9,000 per person
5-6 people 7,000 per person
7-8 people 6,000 per person
This price Including 5 nights accommodation, Elephant ride
Boat trips, foods, coffee and tea.Swimming at hot spring

The Akha Hill House
Jungle trekking or Hill tribe Trekking .All in come
supports the Akha Hill tribe Education Project
10% of Guesthouse profit are donated directly
to the school project

Booking contact Mr.Apae Amor Mobile: (66) 08-9997-5505
้้้้้Email : apaehouse@hotmail.com