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The Story of the Beginning of Hill Tribes
The Akha people are famous for traditional values and practices, their colourful
embroidered costume, and the women’s elaborate headdresses. Traditionally, the
village has lived off the land; practicing “slash-and-burn” agriculture that required them
to relocate their village every few years. External factor such as border controls,
forestry police and royal projects have increased the pressures of changing on the
Akha people. Change is inevitable. What is important is that this village has control of its future and
that the decisions impacting the people from the village lies in the hands of the village.
Only then they can find a balance, best suited to them, between traditional and modern
life. The villagers have decided that the first step for them to have control over the
changes is to get the same education available for their children to other Thai citizens.

The children of this villages and surrounding villages go to primary and middle school (age: 5 – 16) in the Thai village down the Hill House To finish high school (age: 16 – 18) and get a diploma they must go to Chiang Rai. Some children have gone to weekend school to complete some high school grades, but the quality of education is inferior to that in regular schools. In May 1999, the village sent seven children to study at the high school in Chiang Rai. However, the cost of food, school needs, uniforms, textbooks and accommodation are very difficult to cover from selling handicrafts. The Akha Hill Student Project is able to help children from 4 local villages go to primary and middle high school locally.

Village resident , Apae, has developed four sources of funding to help support
the village children’s education for primary and middle high school.

1. Individual / Group sponsors (2,000 Baht per student per year in primary school)
2. Individual / Group sponsors (3,000 Baht per student per year in middle high school)
3. Tourist donations
4. 10% of Akha Hill House profits

The money raised goes towards helping put the local children through school,
and improving the facilities of the school in the village of Pong Nam Rhon.At the moment
the secondary students have no classroom and have to study in an outdoor tent.
Building has commenced on the new classroom but unfortunately we have no more
funds to continue.The village people hope to continue to educate their children.
However, this will not be possible without your support!!! We require individual
or group sponsors to help us to assist these students. Your participation-
big or small - in the Akha Hill student project is greatly appreciated!

Can be sent form your home to :
Akha Hill Student Project
Bangkok Bank
Chiang Rai Branch
Account number: 262-4-628174 Bank Swift code BKKBTHBK.
The people heading this project are: Apae Amor, Kasem Yesaw and Asui Rakchad

The local school relies on volunteers to teach basic English to the Akha, Thai, Lisu and Chinese village
children (age: 5 – 15) as there is no regular English Teacher. We need English speaking volunteers
for two weeks and / or preferably longer to teach English. Food and Lodging are provided at the
Akha Hill House. This is a truly wonderful
experience for those who choose to volunteer, as it is a unique opportunity to
experience and be part of life in a hilltribe village.

on all of the above, please contact:

Mr. Apae Amor
Address : 97/7 Doi Hang, Muang
Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand
Tel: 08-99975505
Email: apaehouse@hotmail.com
Website: www.akhahill.com