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Depart from Chiang Rai, in the morning 10:00am. Boat trips up the Mae Kok river to the Karen Hill Tribe Village. Elephant ride half hour around the Karen Village, then walk around the Karen Village and to the Hot Springs where you will have an enjoyable lunch before going on to visit the Lahu and then an Akha village (where there is a beautiful waterfall) You can swim in a refreshing waterfall and visit a green tea plantation. Then go back to Chiang Rai or Akha Hill House in the late afternoon around 5 or 6 pm. Trekking about 3 hours.
This price Including, Elephant ride,Boat trips, foods,
coffee and tea.Swimming at hot spring
Transportations, English speaking guide
we start from 2 persons
cost 2,300 baht per person
1 person 4,600 baht per person
2 perso 2,300 baht per person
3 person 2,200 baht per person
4 person 2,100 baht per person

5 person 2,000 baht per person
6 person 1,900 baht per person
7 person 1,800 baht per person
8 person 1,700 baht per person
9 person 1,600 baht per person
10 person up 1,500 baht per person

10 % Discount

The Akha Hill House
Jungle trekking or Hill tribe Trekking.10 % of all income
helps support the Akha Hill tribe Education Project.
10% of Guesthouse profit are donated directly
to the schol

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